some usual error when configre glut, glui in windows(

1. How to set up OpenGL in MS.Net on Accad Machine?

  • Right click on the solution in the solution Explorer window, open Property Pages.
  • In C/C++->Additional Include Directories, write “Z:\include”.
  • In Linker->General->Additional Library Directoried, type “Z:/lib”.
  • In Linker->Input->Additional Dependencies and add the OpenGL libs: glut32.lib glu32.lib opengl32.lib (Microsoft OpenGL)..

A samle code showing all the OpenGL primitives in a row. source code: prim.c

2. How to set up Glui in MS.Net on Accad Machine?

  • Download the current version of glui from here and
  • Compile the example program to get the glui32.lib. Notice the following error message would appear:
    • error C2381: ‘exit’ : redefinition; __declspec(noreturn) differs Z:/include\GL\glut.h(146) : see declaration of ‘exit.
  • To solve this, make the following changes to glut.h around line 145. :

    • #if defined(_WIN32) # ifndef GLUT_BUILDING_LIB /*extern _CRTIMP void __cdecl exit(int);*/ _CRTIMP __declspec(noreturn) void __cdecl exit(int); # endif
  • Create a “Win32 Console Application” and Set up for 1 first
  • Update the glui.h file in Z:/include and the glui32.lib in Z:/lib.
  • If getting an error like this , try in C/C++->Code Generation->Runtime Library, use MDd instead of MLd (this is because in the example project the default setting to compile the glui32.lib is MDd; so if you change it to MLd there you don’t need to change setting for your own project)
  • Include the file “glui.h” in any file that uses the GLUI library.

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